Our goal at Profiix is to turn into Orlando's number 1 choice for consumer electronic repairs, we intend to do this by 2022. To accomplish this, we will put our clients first, paying attention to their requirements and keep on giving top quality repair services.


Expert smart devices repair - All devices sell and buy

We sell cellphones and other digital devices:

Our product portfolio is very diverse. We sell phones at cutting edge prices even if they are new or used phones making it easy for the vast dynamics of our consumer to have access of their very own device. All our products can be found on our website as well as in our store.

Quick onsite repairs:

You don't have to wait for weeks or days to get your device back to working. We at Profiix have highly trained technicians always on standby ready to deal with any sort of repair that your device/gadget requires. Be it a broken gaming console to a troubling laptop or phone we are always ready to repair anything.

We buy mobile phones:

We are a favorite for the locals in Orlando who want the best price for their mobile phones. Do you have any old or broken device that you want to urgently sell but can’t find the right buyer? Finding a better price to be put up for your device? Give us a call and probably we can do something for you.

Contact Profiix For Any Cell Phone Repairing Issue

We have just one word to put for you, that is trust. It requires some time for people to trust you. At Profiix repair store, our certified specialists can help solve tech-related issues. If you have any sort of device that most stores can't fix, bring it to us, Profiix can fix it for you!

If you are planning to upgrade your phone? Need a speedy and simple way of getting cash for your old device? Figuring out how to sell your broken phone? At Profiix we also assist you with selling your phone with the minimum of fuss. Ordinarily, individuals hoping to sell their phones are looking for the easiest means for doing as such; that is why when you visit our site, you will see the cellphones we buy and the value we offer without the problem. We also deal in different sort of accessory needs for your device so whether you are looking for a cable or a new phone case just find it on our website.

Why Choose Profiix

Every one of us are clients eventually, don't you agree? Over the time, cell phone's performance at last deteriorates and that is absolutely unavoidable. When that occurs, the solutions aren’t to fix the gadgets yourself. Profiix helps with repairing and reestablish your device to their optimum working condition so you can hope for more from your gadget.

Around here at Profiix, we have specialists who will deal with your gadgets, for example, iPad, iPhone, Android phones, tablets, MacBook and much more along with assisting you to buy and sell your device as well. If we neglected to mention some gadgets on your list, take them with you while you visit our repair store and our experts can fix them.

Same Day Repair

Same Day Repair

High Quality Service

High Quality Service

High Quality Parts

High Quality Parts

Highly Trained Staff

Highly Trained Staff

Consider Us Your First Choice For Your Gadget Repairs

Need more reasons to trust your nerds? here are a few

  • Speedy spin: having skills to diagnose and troubleshoot devices and repair it at the earliest opportunity.
  • Free diagnostics: If you don't have the foggiest idea what's up with your device, we will find it for you free of cost.
  • Pocket friendly costs: offering the best prices and we might want you to have a belief regards to that.
  • We treat every diagnosis and repair as a challenge standing by to be beaten and not as a task that should be finished.
  • We value offering on-the-spot service fueled by our profoundly gifted experts at Profiix.